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Illuminating biologics
discovery with AI

50+ Specialized AI Models

Biologics discovery is a journey with unique challenges at every turn. We have developed a suite of tools targeting key areas, including antigen design, hit generation, optimization, and developability. We tailor a specific set of tools for each campaign, recognizing that discovery is as unique as the goals.
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20+ Strategic Partnerships 

Backed by XtalPi’s $785M in funding, we developed, validated, and continue to refine our proprietary platforms. To maximize their impact, we partner with pharma and biotech who gain an immediate competitive edge from our best-in-class, ready-to-go AI solutions.
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Integrating AI Insights with Wet Lab Validation

Our unique approach is founded on the synergistic integration of AI and wet lab, creating a “closed-loop” system. The wet lab generates proprietary training data and drives the optimization of AI, while providing ultimate validation for our molecules.
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Tapping into a greater search space for more quality hits using AI.

Immune Repertoire Analysis

In silico screening of millions of antibody sequences in the immune repertoire 

VL Clonotypes
VH Clonotypes
NCS Datasets
Unique VL Sequences
Unique VH Sequences
Results and Insights

XploreSeqTM Identifies Hits with High Accuracy

XploreSeqTM routinely sequences millions of BCRs and identifies hits with high confidence (see figure). In this project, XploreSeq predicted 717 binders, from which 48 were randomly chosen for expression and testing. 66.7% (32/48) were confirmed to be binders, and only 18.6% (6/32) binders overlap with hybridoma hits.

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