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PEGS Boston 2024 Recap: Ailux Presentation on AI in Antibody Discovery & 3 Exciting Posters

Ailux Unveils Cutting-Edge AI-Driven Antibody Discovery at PEGS Boston Summit 2024

Impact or Hype?
Two first-in-class real-world cases on how to leverage AI-powered tech stacks to design, optimize, and deliver highly differentiated biologics candidates
Monday, May 20, 2024 – Cambridge, MA – At PEGS Boston Summit 2024, Dr. Patrick Doonan, Senior Director of Antibody Engineering and Alliance Management at Ailux, unveiled two groundbreaking case studies showcasing AI-driven advancements in next-generation antibody discovery and engineering, under the theme “Cutting Through the Hype: Real-World Applications of AI in Antibody Discovery and Engineering”.
Case study 1:~100 binders across 10+ unique epitopes in 3 months with AI unified workflow
Relying solely on a single method for generating hits is inherently risky when dealing with challenging targets. To de-risk and accelerate antibody discovery, Ailux introduced an innovative AI-powered approach that integrates multiple hit generation methods. This pioneering initiative unified 3 distinct hit generation platforms – single B cell screening, repertoire NGS, and phage display – into 1 streamlined workflow. Leveraging predictive AI, Ailux conducted comprehensive analysis of immune repertoires and precise hit selection based on binding properties and developability. Just within a span of three months, Ailux identified 86 promising binders capable of recognizing 11 unique epitopes. This integrated discovery process not only showcases Ailux’s commitment to delivering diversified and functional antigen-specific antibodies but also addresses multiplexed project objectives effectively.
Case study 2: Parallel super-humanization and pH-sensitivity engineering
Let’s reimagine antibody engineering with high-accuracy Ab-Ag complex structure prediction at scale. Ailux developed XtalFoldTM, a proprietary world-leading protein complex structure prediction algorithm, which outperformed AlphaFold 3 in a recent benchmark study of 39 antibody-antigen complexes.
In this case study, Ailux achieved accurate prediction of 2 non-overlapping epitope bins from 36 antibodies in a high-throughput manner. This precise epitope-paratope interface prediction facilitates the screening of pH-sensitive binders and enables parallel super-humanization via paratope grafting. The resulting lead candidate exhibited ultra-low immunogenicity risk and demonstrated high-affinity pH-sensitive binding to a tumor antigen at acidic pH, potentially mitigating on-target, off-tumor toxicity. Beyond this breakthrough, Ailux has successfully applied XtalFoldTM structure modeling to various high-value applications including affinity maturation, developability optimization, and species cross-reactivity.
In addition to Dr. Doonan’s talk, Ailux team presented three posters on AI-guided de novo GPCR antigen design, AI-powered discovery of novel NK cell engager, and XtalFoldTM structure modeling.
Ailux extends sincere gratitude to all attendees who participated in our sessions and visited our booth. Ailux is partnering with leading biotech and pharmaceutical companies to advance AI-powered biologics R&D. For partnership inquiry, please reach out to
Details on Ailux presentations at PEGS are available as follows:
About Ailux Biologics:
Ailux Biologics is the AI-powered biologics discovery unit within XtalPi, a renowned global leader in AI drug research. Founded at the intersection of biologics research and artificial intelligence, Ailux seamlessly integrates three proprietary AI engines—XtalFoldTM, XenProTTM, and XentientTM—with state-of-the-art wet lab capabilities to design, optimize, and deliver highly differentiated biologics candidates. Ailux has built an extensive curated dataset AtlaXTM to train foundational AI models while utilizing active learning to tailor project-specific solutions. Ailux now partners with both leading global pharmaceutical and biotech companies to advance biologics R&D and address unmet medical needs. For more information, please visit
Kyle Klaassen, Director of Global Business Development

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