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Official Press Release: Introducing Ailux Biologics by XtalPi

XtalPi Unveils Ailux: A New Chapter in AI-Powered Biologics Discovery  


CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Jan. 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — XtalPi Inc. (XtalPi), a globally leading innovative R&D platform company that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI), quantum physics-based computation, and robotic automation to advance the discovery and evolution of groundbreaking therapeutics and new materials, announced today the official launch of its biologics discovery division as a distinct brand, now known as Ailux Biologics (“Ailux”).

The name “Ailux” reflects the team’s mission to illuminate biologics discovery through AI. Lux is Latin for light and is also a standard unit of measurement for illumination. The announcement includes a new website,, an affiliated LinkedIn page, and an official YouTube channel.

XtalPi has already established a strong track record by forging partnerships with numerous pharma and biotech companies globally. This strategic branding move marks a significant milestone in the division’s rapid growth and underscores XtalPi’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions to its partners in the drug discovery sectors.

Dr. Jian Ma, CEO of XtalPi, commented on the launch of Ailux, “In recent years, XtalPi’s discovery solutions have produced strong evidence regarding the power of AI in biologics R&D. XtalPi’s biologics team have an advanced approach to machine learning in drug discovery, particularly in finding the most relevant and transformational applications of it. There’s great potential in how our technologies can advance the entire biologics discovery ecosystem.”

Under the Ailux brand, the team will continue to focus on revolutionizing biologics drug discovery through a fusion of proprietary AI algorithms and wet lab methods that target the industry’s most challenging bottlenecks, in line with XtalPi’s continued mission of accelerating the drug discovery process.

“Our platform is comprised of a suite of specialized solutions. Over years of rigorous testing, we’ve identified the precise areas where AI provides the maximum impact in biologics discovery. Our platform is fully validated so that our partners can benefit immediately from the best-in-class AI solutions we’ve built,” stated Alex Li, VP of Antibody Discovery at XtalPi and head of the Ailux team.

XtalPi invites partners to bring them challenging targets. The team leverages AI to interrogate a wider pool of potential hits, engineer lead antibodies faster, and assess developability at ultra-high throughput. Meanwhile, teams of computational experts and seasoned wet-lab scientists are constantly developing and validating new AI-powered algorithms to help partners stay ahead of the curve in biologics discovery.

About XtalPi

XtalPi is an innovative technology company powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics. Founded in 2015 on the MIT campus, XtalPi is dedicated to driving intelligent and digital transformation in the life science and new materials industries. With tightly interwoven quantum physics, AI, cloud computing, and large-scale clusters of robotic workstations, XtalPi offers a range of technology solutions, services, and products to accelerate and empower innovation for biopharmaceutical and new materials companies worldwide.

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About the Ailux Biologics Brand

Ailux Biologics by XtalPi is an AI-powered biologics discovery and engineering platform. Founded at the intersection of life science and artificial intelligence, Ailux now partners with both leading global pharmaceutical and biotech companies to advance biologics R&D.

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